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Find the most up to date tourist information for Vang Vieng, details about Tubing, recommended Accommodation, Restaurants, Guesthouses, Bars, Rock Climbing, Kayaking, Hot Air Ballooning, Caves, Lagoons and other Activities. There’s lots of great Tips and Info for Backpackers in Vang Vieng, opportunities for Volunteering, Homestays and helping Local Charities. Don’t forget to check out Fluid Shisha Bar, Restaurant and Art Space, located just 4km from Town near to Tam Lom, on the Tubing River. Try a wide range of Drinks, Beers, Cocktails, Great BBQ, Thai, Laos and Mediterranean Food. Take a break from the norm and listen to Eclectic Music: Chill out, Chilled Beats, Jazz, Dub, Reggae, Funk and House. If you want to Party in Vang Vieng UK DJs Mirror Image often do Events here, see the Facebook page for Events. For Photos and Videos click on the Facebook or YouTube link.

Tip’s for tourists in Vang Vieng:

  • Do not walk around town at night time with your shirt off, it is not in keeping with Laos’s culture and the locals do not appreciate it.
  • Be careful where you smoke, the island in town is notorious for having undercover police. The bars at the top of the tubing river are also closely watched, so be sensible.
  • Do not even consider taking your passport/credit cards when tubing, many people have done so and lost them, it is a long painful process in getting a new one.
  • The tubing plastic wallets are not fully waterproof, if you are taking a camera/phone with you on the river make sure you buy real good quality waterproof wrap up bags.

  • It is illegal to work in Laos without a working visa, permit and ID card. Working temporarily for bars means fewer jobs for local people (there are many Lao’s who are unemployed), so if you are working for a bar, you are putting Lao people out of work. If you are caught working by the police you can also be charged 5,000,000 kip ($400).