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Find the most up to date tourist information for Vang Vieng, details about Tubing, recommended Accommodation, Restaurants, Guesthouses, Bars, Rock Climbing, Kayaking, Hot Air Ballooning, Caves, Lagoons and other Activities. There’s lots of great Tips and Info for Backpackers in Vang Vieng, opportunities for Volunteering, Homestays and helping Local Charities. Don’t forget to check out Fluid Shisha Bar, Restaurant and Art Space, located just 4km from Town near to Tam Lom, on the Tubing River. Try a wide range of Drinks, Beers, Cocktails, Great BBQ, Thai, Laos and Mediterranean Food. Take a break from the norm and listen to Eclectic Music: Chill out, Chilled Beats, Jazz, Dub, Reggae, Funk and House. If you want to Party in Vang Vieng UK DJs Mirror Image often do Events here, see the Facebook page for Events. For Photos and Videos click on the Facebook or YouTube link.

Tubing Information

The 2 tubing rental companies are located in the centre of town (see the map) 50m apart from each other. They open from 8am and close 8pm. The cost of the tube is 55,000 kip, but there is a deposit of 60,000 kip. The price of the tube includes a free lift to the tubing start. If you return your tube before 6pm you receive your full 60,000 deposit back. If you return it between 6pm and 8pm you lose 20,000 kip so receive 40,000 of the deposit back.


It’s best to rent your tube in the morning so you can spend a full day on the river. Between December and May it can take 3 or 4 hours to float down the river, (that doesn’t include the time spent at each bar). In rainy season May/June to October the water is a lot quicker and it is advisable to wear a life jacket as currents are strong, it can take between 1 to 2 hours to float down river.


At present there are 5-6 restaurant's/bars open. They are open from 10am - 6pm. Although, if you're tubing make sure you start around or before midday. The shadows from the cliffs cast over at 4-5pm. Tubers are often only served until 4-5pm as to get back to town before 6 in order to get your full deposit back. Arrive happy and safely back into town to experience VV's Nightlife.